Business Partnership Opportunities

We are looking for partners to help us make the most of our research and intellectual assets, and our researchers stand ready to help you make your budding business successful. Our centers focus on increasing business, pharmacy and aeorospace entrepreneurship while our IdeaLabs foster new and innovative enterprises. 

Our new Office of Economic Engagement seeks to increase the commercialization of our cutting-edge research and connect new and existing businesses with our resources, fostering an entrepreneurial environment.


Successful Startups

The USC-Columbia Incubator has graduated 31 companies and currently has 45 tenants. More than two dozen active startup companies are using university technologies, creating everything from new phone apps to fuel cell technology.

Technology Commercialization

In the past five years, we have filed more than 400 invention disclosures on behalf of faculty, applied for more than 250 new patent applications with 66 U.S. patents issued and executed 86 licenses representing 120 technologies.

Available Technologies

Our faculty and staff members and students have created an array of inventions and technologies that are worth the efforts to make them widely available. These technologies range from a device that safely sanitizes surfaces such as light switches, elevator call buttons and other touch panels to an enhanced ultrasound probe that combines the diagnostic capabilities of the stethoscope and ultrasound.